Chicago Breaking News Center and Chicago Sun-Times had articles on the tragic case of Jean Engstrom who drowned in a bathtub while unsupervised at Warren Park Nursing Pavilion.  Chicago police are conducting a death investigation into the drowning. 

An autopsy conducted determined that Jean Engstrom, 51, drowned according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. But officials could not indicate from the autopsy whether the woman’s death was a homicide or an accident.   The woman was mentally ill and lived at the Warren Park Nursing Pavilion.  Police were called to the nursing home after staff members found the woman in a bathtub with the water running. They tried to revive her and called paramedics to the home who then took her to the hospital where she died.

Since the woman was mentally ill, she most likely needed supervision.  I wonder if a staff member started the bath (that is why the water was still running) and walked away.  I hope it was an accident.

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