The Chicago Tribune (once again) had a great article on the lack of supervision in Fox River Pavilion nursing home which caused the sexual assault of a disabled resident by another resident with a history of violent behavior and mental issues.  The victim’s family filed a lawsuit.

The suit alleges that Graves, 39, sexually assaulted and beat the woman in his room at the home. The suit says Graves has been arrested multiple times and suffers from bipolar disorder and other mental issues. The nursing home should have more closely monitored or restricted Graves, and it failed to provide additional security or therapies that may have treated his anti-social behavior.

The woman, who the lawsuit said suffers from dementia, went to a nurse’s station after she was assaulted and was "in a bruised, battered and bloodied condition," according to the suit.

In February, state and federal officials terminated funding to the home after investigating that case and others. State reports say a lack of staffing contributed to resident-on-resident attacks, and that staff failed to properly monitor and treat aggressive mentally ill felons housed there.

 See related article from the Beacon News about the family’s lawsuit.

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