I have seen two lists that discuss the highest paid jobs.  One list is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the other is from Forbes Magazine.  Both are dominated by health care professionals and show that there is clearly no need for tort reform.

1. Anesthesiologists: $197,340. (And anesthesiologists make more money in the state of Washington than in any other U.S. state)

2. Surgeons: $206,150. (Highest-paying state: Wyoming.)

3. Obstetricians and gynecologists: $192,040. (Highest-paying state: New Hampshire.)

4. Orthodontists: $194,900. (Highest-paying state: Wisconsin).

5. Oral Surgeons: $190,760. (Again, the highest-paying state is Wisconsin.)

6. Internists: $176,860. (Highest-paying state: Louisiana.)

7. Prosthodontists: $169,940. (Highest-paying state: Virginia)

8. Psychiatrists: $154,990. (Highest-paying state: Idaho.)

9. General Practitioners: $161,850. (Highest-paying state: Kansas.)

10. Chief Executive Officers: $144,600. (Highest-paying state: New Jersey.)

11. Dentists: $154,950. (Highest-paying state: Maine)

12. Physicians/Surgeons: $169,220. (Highest-paying state: Utah.)

13. General Pediatricians: $153,440. (Highest-paying state: Louisiana.)

14. Pilots/Co-pilots/Flight Engineers: $140,380. (Highest-paying state: Illinois.)

15. Podiatrists: $125,500. (Highest-paying state: Oregon.)

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