GoErie.com had an article about the investigation and minimla punishment given to Saint Mary’s at Asbury Ridge’s after the discovery that one of the nurse employees had been verbally abusive to several residents for a lengthy period of time.  The incidents occurred over several months in late 2008 and early 2009. The female employee, who was identified in a violation report only as "S.C.," subjected 12 residents to "repeated verbal and emotional abuse."  How could the management of this facility either not know what was going on or fail to stop it in a timely manner?  Though co-workers were aware of the behavior, they did not report it to their supervisor, as required by law.

St. Mary’s is one of Erie County’s largest nursing homes.  It is now operating under a provisional license after a nurse’s aide verbally and emotionally abused a group of residents for months. A provisional license allows a facility to operate but notifies it that the state is keeping a close watch. The facility must pass an inspection to have its regular license restored.  What a ridiculous punishment!  Isn’t the state supposed to be keeping a close watch anyway!?!  No fine, no violations, no limitations. 


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