The Northwest Herald had an article about a lawsuit involving the neglect of a resident that led to a fall that caused her death.  The wrongful death lawsuit against a Chicago nursing home, Sacred Heart Home, states that the nursing home failed to prevent the fall that led to the resident’s death.

Kathleen Koch, died after suffering from a broken back, head injuries and paralysis after she fell in a stairwell at the nursing home. The fall happened Dec. 21, and she died eight months later at 61 years old.

The case alleges that staff should have better supervised Koch because they knew she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and was at high risk for wandering and falls.  However, her room was not near a nurse’s station, and Koch was able to go into the stairwell unsupervised.

She was the type of resident that needs to be closely monitored and supervised which clearly was not done.  I am sure the nursing home will blame the resident and claim it was all her fault.


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  1. This is the same story with supervising children and the accidents that happen when a parent is not paying attention for a minute. It is virtually impossible too keep an eye 24/7 on somebody. I for one wouldn’t consider it was the nursing home’s sole fault.

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