I ran across the Nursing Home Complaint Center website which seems to be an advocacy group to prevent neglect, abuse, and Medicaid/Medicare fraud.   Their website states that Americas Watchdog created the National Nursing Home Complaint Center because there really is no government or private organization that will act as advocates for senior citizens and their families with one simple phone call.

If a loved one has concerns about the treatment a family member is receiving in a nursing home in any state, they can call the Nursing Home Complaint Center anytime at 866-714-6466.

Aside from patient advocacy, the Nursing Home Complaint Center is also an advocate for the taxpayers, dedicated to the idea that the patient only has to pay for the treatment they receive. The group estimates on an annual basis US nursing homes over bill US taxpayers billions for services billed to Medicare & Medicaid, that were never performed. The Nursing home Complaint Center thus has a dual purpose; patient advocacy, and taxpayer protection.

Hopefully, this group will do a good job advocating for nursing home residents since we know regulatory agencies and politicians are certainly not doing a very good job.

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