The Tennessean had an interesting article about Silvercare, a company that has found a niche in the nursing home industry that improves the quality of care provided and the resident’s quality of life.   Silvercare Solutions was started in February to capitalize on Medicare rules that required nursing homes to do more to ensure that residents are properly assessed for incontinence and provided with comprehensive care services.

Silvercare brings nurse practitioners to nursing homes to treat residents, relieving the homes of the need to hire specialized staff, find urologists to see the elderly residents in their clinics or transport residents there.   About a third of nursing home residents are incontinent, he said.

Silvercare got off to a fast start by acquiring the private practice of a geriatric nurse practitioner that delivered incontinence services to nursing homes in Philadelphia.  It is using the model of that practice to expand in Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where it operates in 48 homes.

Nina Monroe, director of nursing at client Bethany Healthcare Center here, said the nursing home already is seeing improvements in some residents since signing up with SilverCare about a month ago.  Previously, a gerontologist examined residents with incontinence, she said, adding that having specialized care helps to get to the source of conditions that cause the residents’ discomfort.

One of the founders of Silvercare, Frazer Buntin said he was motivated to launch Silvercare by personal experience; he lost his grandmother four months after she broke her hip hurrying to the
restroom at a Nashville nursing home.   This is a common problem in nursing homes.  Residents need to go to the bathroom; they hit the call bell for assistance. No one responds.  They risk falling by trying to get to the bathroom or they wet themselves and lose all dignity.  Many of the fall cases we handle resulted from the staff’s failure to respond to call bells in a timely manner.


2 Thoughts on “Silvercare Solutions and incontinence

  1. Jim Usdan on October 9, 2009 at 4:01 pm said:

    Are there other companies, in addition to SilverCare, that are competing in this space?

  2. I am not aware of other companies that provide training to long term care facilities. Not sure what you mean by “competing in this space”.

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