McKnight’s had an article about President Obama’s budget and how it will affect nursing homes.  It may be too early to tell but it looks like nursing home reimbursements will increase under the new budget.  Many nursing home operators are praising President Obama’s proposed 2010 budget for provisions that would help educate and train nurses.   The budget also proposes “bundling” of some Medicare funding for post-acute care.  The goal of bundled payments is to lower hospital readmission rates and decrease the overall cost of health care.

Larry Minnix, the CEO of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, highlighted another part of the budget: a proposal to allocate $1 billion “to capitalize and launch the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to develop, rehabilitate and preserve affordable housing and increased funding for the project-based rental assistance program to preserve 1.3 million affordable rental units will help moderate income elders find and keep a place to call home.


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