There is a special place in hell for people who have the audacity and malice to steal from vulnerable elderly people residing in nursing homes.  I do not understand how someone can betray the trust of these residents in such a way.  Recently, I saw an article in the Staten Island Advance that discussed a case where a husband-and-wife team working at a Stapleton nursing home stole a credit card from a patient’s bedside drawer and used it at two locations on Staten Island.

Denard Brown, 44, and his wife, Benedicta Charles, 44, allegedly swiped the card from a patient.  Ms. Charles was responsible for providing care as a nurse’s aide at St. Elizabeth Ann’s Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, Stapleton.

The victim reported the card missing, which prompted investigators to monitor the card’s account for activity. Detectives got a hit last week at Waldbaum’s store.  Waldbaum’s turned over video surveillance tape that captured the couple using the card on Sept. 7. Armed with the tape, and bank records that implicated them in the crime, police arrested the couple at St. Elizabeth Ann’s when they reported to work.  Under questioning, Brown admitted he also used the card Sept. 4 to buy gas at a Hess station.

Ms. Charles and Brown have been "suspended pending an investigation," Fagan said.  Both are charged with grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and endangering the welfare of an "incompetent person."



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  1. Actually Emmy Pei doesn’t work for a medical provider. She’s an undergrad college student who also works part time in a nursing home.

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