Numerous media outlets have discussed the recent report from the Inspector General that shows that 92% of all nursing homes violate the standards established by the federal and state governments.  ABC News had a good article here.

A government report released found extensive problems in America’s nursing homes. Nearly one in five of the nearly 15,000 nursing homes examined were cited for violations that put patients in immediate harm in 2007.   92 percent were cited for some type of deficiencies during each of the last three years.

The quality of care in nursing homes was the focus of those deficiencies. Experts also found that  far too many residents waited too long to get the help they needed.

"Very few of these deficiencies ever result in a financial penalty," said Wes Bledsoe, founder of A Perfect Cause, a non-profit group that advocates for the reform in long-term care. "And if they do, they are not collected. The system has no teeth."

"It’s a priority for me in this office because sometimes it’s a double crime," New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said. "First of all, it’s a fraud against the taxpayer. In many cases, taxpayers are actually funding these organizations and these institutions and they’re being defrauded. And secondly you are literally affecting the most vulnerable in our society. And that’s our first priority — to protect those people who literally can’t protect themselves."

This week’s report revealed that for profit homes are actually more likely to have problems than facilities run by local governments or non-profits despite having more resources and making substantial profits.

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