Multimillion verdict against Life Care thrown out (09/26/08 Cleveland Banner) By Linda Womack

Life Care Centers of America was given another trial when an $11.5 million verdict was thrown out.  The nursing home was found to have been negligent and reckless in the death of a former resident. Former Circuit Court Judge Ginger Wilson Buchanan was the judge.  Buchanan did not offer a reason on why the original verdict was set aside.

A Bradley County Circuit Court jury awarded the multi-million verdict in compensatory and punitive damages as a result of the June trial. Dennis Matthews, son of Verdie Matthews a former Life Care resident, filed a lawsuit against Life Care Centers of America alleging the nursing home allowed his mother to develop severe dehydration and severe malnutrition which ultimately played a role in her death.   The jury found Life Care Centers acted negligent and reckless in a three week trial in June.

Ms. Matthews was a resident at the nursing home for four weeks when she was admitted to the Bradley Memorial Hospital on May 1, 2006. She died three days later. Her cause of death was determined by the hospital to be severe nutrition and severe dehydration.

Medical records indicated at the time of Ms. Matthews admission to the nursing home her weight was reportedly 105 pounds. At the time of her death, four weeks later, she reportedly weighed 92 pounds.   Throughout the trial Mr. Matthews’ attorney, Thomas Hornbuckle, argued the nursing home falsified fluid and nutrition intake records for Ms. Matthews and did not properly feed and hydrate her.

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  1. dennis matthews on August 18, 2009 at 11:51 pm said:

    I doubt that I will ever get through to the public what a disgrace these “for profit” nursing homes are. I was a happy, go lucky guy who’s mom was going to get rehab for 30 days because of swallowing problems. She lasted 3 weeks. Her nurse’s aide testified under oath for 8 hrs. She was to be fired if she helped my mother drink. It took too long and there was no staffing. Life Care spent 12 months falsifing records and charts. We proved them guilty on 39 counts of negligence and administrative errors like charging medicare for providing two rehab personnel for mom. Hell, they provided no one. I believe that the beginning of the end for these ruthless, killing machines has been exposed. Guilt will run through society as most people know we sent mom or day to the killing grounds.

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