had an article written by Maria Nagle about a recent lawsuit filed against a nursing home on behalf of Bruce Hopley who was only 51 years young.   The article states that when Mr. Hopley, 51, was admitted to Golden Moments Senior Care Center.  The staff knew or should have known that Mr. Hopley was “severely diabetic.”   He had a history of emergency hospitalizations because of seizures and erratic blood sugar levels.

On Sept. 17, 2006, Mr. Hopley was found dead about an hour after the facility documented he had high blood sugar levels. His death came 19 days after he had been admitted to the facility.

The lawsuit claims negligence in Mr. Hopley’s death because his blood sugar levels were not properly monitored. He was not provided the proper care at the nursing home.   As a result of the alleged negligence, Mr. Hopley suffered “great mental and physical pain prior to his death."

The lawsuit also alleges Golden Moments was under capitalized, and there exists state and federal tax liens against the facility exceeding $250,000. The facility also allegedly employs staff at levels below the national average for similar facilities, “creating dangerous conditions for the residents of the nursing home,” the lawsuit alleges.


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