KAALtv.com had a disturbing article on residents being abused in a Minnesota nursing home.  The conduct of these "professionals" is outrageous and disgusting.  They should be arrested and thrown in jail and never work in the health car eindustry again.  I would be surprised if anything happens to them.  They will probably get rehired easily knowing how the nursing home industry works.

The article mentions that an investigation by the Minnesota Department of Health found that at least 15 nursing home residents were abused mentally and physically.  The abuse actually could have been prevented months earlier.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health 15 residents at the Good Samaritan Society nursing home were verbally and or physically abused by several nursing assistants, some of them are not even 18 years old.  The abuse was discovered back in December of 2007, but could have been earlier than that.

The 5 perpetrators were responsible for caring for the residents.  The Freeborn County Attorney’s office says dealing with vulnerable adults makes it difficult to prosecute when they don’t have statements from the victims.   It sounds like the prosecutor is making excuses for his own incompetence.  Why doesn’t he ask the nurses to take polygraph tests?

The Freeborn County Attorney says the five women face gross misdemeanor charges, which means only one year in jail, a $3-thousand dollar fine or both as a maximum plenty. There is no mention in the article if the nurses licenses have been revoked or if they work at another nursing home now.


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