has a video and story showing a nursing home worker stealing from the residents.   A worker at an assisted living center was arrested and charged with theft after she was caught on camera stealing from patients, police said.

Deputies arrested the woman at the Regency Park Assisted Living Center.   The Washington County Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of thefts going on at the center, so they set up a hidden camera to try and catch the thief.  Police set up a hidden camera and plant a purse with money in it in order to catch the thief.   Three days after setting up the camera, Quanecka Thompson, 23, was caught on camera going through the purse, pulling out the wallet, taking money, putting it in her pocket and leaving the room, police said.

Detectives said they set up the purse a second time, and again, Thompson was witnessed stealing money from it.   Deputies arrested Thompson last week.

I wonder if they did a background check on this nurse?

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