Newport News had an article about a suspicious death of a resident of a nursing home.  There appears to be a link between his death and medicine he got the day before.

A nurse who gave unauthorized medicine last week to a nursing home resident who later died has been fired.  Police are considering whether the medication caused or contributed to the death of John P. Stratton, 76, of Newport News, who was staying at the James River Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center.  Stratton was given the medicine on May 5, and died about 4 a.m. on May 6.

The nurse’s decision to give Stratton the medicine was not an accident.   "She intentionally gave him the medication," police said. "Her intent in giving it to him will have to come out later."

Police are trying to find out whether Stratton was given an increased dose of a medicine he was prescribed, or medicine he wasn’t supposed to get at all.

Joseph Law, James River Convalescent’s administrator, said the nurse — whom he declined to identify — was fired after an internal investigation. The actual reason for her firing, Law said, was separate from the issue surrounding Stratton’s death. "The nurse was terminated because of facility protocol," Law said. "During our investigation some other information was discovered." He did not elaborate. What a bunch of nonsense. Clearly the facility does not want to admit what happened or what they found out in their "internal investigation". 

It could take a month or longer for the toxicology results.  The examination will include any possible interaction between the medicine the nurse gave him and other drugs Stratton was taking.

One of Stratton’s daughters, Denise Barnes of Newport News, said the family doesn’t know what drug or drugs the nurse gave her father.   A staffer at the home brought to his attention the possible link between the medication and Stratton’s death. He then called police and state agencies.

I’m surprised they didn’t fire the staffer who refused to cover it up.

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