had an article about a Bloomington nursing home paying a reduced $14,500 fine for failing to protect residents from a sex offender who was a patient at the facility.  This is outrageous and shows why lawsuits are necessary to insure that nursing homes are held accountable for their negligence and gross stupidity. 

Asta Care, 1509 N. Calhoun St., failed to screen a male resident who made inappropriate sexual advances to staff and two mentally disabled residents. The acts were noted in nursing records dating to October 2006 at the 117-skilled bed facility but were ignored by management.  The man, who was identified as a sexual offender,  was allowed to remain at Asta Care even after complaints were made by staff. 

Clearly this situation was avoidable if the nursing home simply checked the man’s background.  It is shocking that the nursing home only had to pay a small fine for such outrageous conduct.

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